At the beginning of 2020, I was travelling through Patagonia to start a new project on territory and identity. The news coming from Europe and the US were bad: border closures, thousands of deaths and an indomitable virus that stalked half the world. A few days later the government of Argentina imposed the closure of national borders, a ban on flying and sailing and a mandatory quarantine.


At that moment I decided to not go back to my home in the city and stay with my daughter in a tiny trailer in the woods. The days went by and the months went by and we went through the hard Patagonian winter. My daughter, my dog and I spent these months in a tiny house, far away from people and virus. I started this visual diary about this experience in a new territory. A new territory that means new identity.


This work is the reflection of my feelings during this eternal quarantine. It is about me looking for reinterpret a digital and pixelated nature that we approach today through flatted screens. This work is about my process of transformation and adaptation to this new place and it continues evolving as time passes. 


I am working in a new way as I never did. I am posting this work to IG immediately after the shooting. This is a challenge for me and is also an aesthetic search based on colours and performances in space, created with fire, lights animals and words written with flashlights. All of this happening in an enchanted forest.

Which images do we need to talk and document this special moment? Which images we need to heal the trauma? What's the use of doing what we do and why do I keep sending my daughter to school? Is it worth breaking everything or will we go back to the same thing again? Why does the world tend to self-destruct and I feel so happy? How can I stop the time going by? and for what?